Leslie Clark

Managing Editor and Food & Drink Editor

She works behind the scenes, dealing with the writers on the staff, and she can tell you some of the great spots to eat around Toronto. Leslie Clark , a Toronto gal, is one of On The Danforth online’s managing editors as well as takes on one of the roles of Food & Drink editor. “So far, I’ve really enjoyed writing content and coming up with new ideas for articles.”

Leslie tells us more….

On The Danforth: Who’s your favourite actor or actress?
Leslie Clark: It’s hard to say; admittedly, I’m not a huge movie buff. There are a lot of television actors and actresses I like, though. Jim Parsons is hilarious on The Big Bang Theory.

OTD: What’s your favourite work of art?
LC: I love books and poetry. One of my all-time favourite poems is T.S. Eliot’s The Love Song of J. Alfred Prufrock.

OTD: What can you make from scratch?
LC: It depends on what you mean by “scratch.” I guess technically nothing, because I don’t do stuff like farm eggs or grow wheat to grind into flour. But I have some really good cookie and muffin recipes. I’ve also tried making my own cheese, which was a lot of fun with delicious results.

OTD: If you could learn another language, which would it be?
LC: I’d love to learn something very different from English, like Mandarin or Cantonese.

Where does Leslie see herself in the future?

“There are a few paths I’d like to go down. I’d love to work in online publishing, and I’m also interested in copyediting.

Keep track of Leslie, here:

Twitter: @lesismore_

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