Pet Fashion On The Danforth

One of my favourite things about the Danforth is all of the dogs that are always being walked in the neighbourhood. As winter approaches, it is important to keep our pets (dogs and cats) dry when they are outside, but it is also fun to keep them fashionable. Luckily, there is Small Wonders Pet Emporium, located at 148 Danforth Ave., close to Broadview. They sell coats and sweaters that will keep your pets warm and dry in the cold winter weather.

At Small Wonders Pet Emporium there are many pet accessories, such as collars and bandanas, to keep your pets as stylish as their owners, even if they’re just in the house.


Jasper, a Maine Coon, is wearing a festive court jester collar that he can wear for any special occasion. The collar is covered in tiny bells that kept Jasper entertained during the photo shoot. However, as cat owners may know, it is not always easy to get your cat to do what you expect. For the photo, Renee Matheson, Jasper’s owner, had to hold him so that he would pose for the photo. Though it was a little difficult to get the perfect shot of Jasper, dressing your cat can be a fun activity. And since most cats stay indoors, their clothes can be worn for special occasions in the house, or for a rainy day inside.

For dogs, since they are usually walked outside, it is more practical to get them a coat or a sweater that will keep them warm and dry. But that doesn’t mean that your dog can’t also be fashionable while wearing sensible clothing. Canada Pooch is a line of jackets that will keep your dog warm, and you can match it with your Canada Goose coat as well.

IMG_4665 (1)

There are also dog accessories if you want a more affordable way to dress up your dog. Skippy, a Bichon Frise and Poodle mix. is featured wearing a Maple Leafs bandana so he can be stylish, and cheer on his favourite hockey team at the same time. Skippy is used to posing for photos almost everyday, so it was easier to dress him up and take his picture than it was for Jasper.

No matter how you decide to dress up your pet, for fashion or practicality, it is a wonderful way to bond.

Jillian Jemmett is the Fashion Editor for On the Danforth, Spring issue.  When she’s not reading various and magazines,  she enjoys cuddling with her Bichon puppy, Skippy.  Follow her on Twitter and Instagram @JillJemmett.

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