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10 + 2 Hilarious Times WeRateDogs Rated Something that “Wasn’t” a Dog

WeRateDogs (@dog_rates) is a humour-based twitter account that rates adorable dogs on a scale of 1 to 10 (though most dogs end up exceeding the scale and coming it at 12 or 13). With likely hundreds of thousands of photo submissions coming over the years, WeRateDogs has enjoyed teasing followers by occasionally complaining about pictures of “not” dogs being sent in. Here are 10 of the more entertaining examples plus two actual “dogs”.

1. “Traffic Cone” Dog

2. “Golden Carpet Worm” Dog

3. “Bear Cub” Dog

4. “Snowflake” Dog

5. “Invisible” Dog

6. “Jesus” Dog

7. “Pumpkin” Dog

8. “Leaf” Dog

9. “Ghost” Dog

10. “Tornado” Dog

11. Spiky “Dog”

12. Hoppy “Dog”

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