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Economic Club of Canada: Fighting for the Canadian Economy

Coming out of Union Station to Front Street West in Toronto, you are greeted by the illustrious Royal York Hotel. Entering the building, you feel the gravity of the building’s history and prestige as a hub not only for travellers, but also the groups, companies, and businesses that choose to use the hotel as a location for their events. No other location could be more fitting for The Economic Club of Canada to host their event, Growing an Economy that Works for Everyone on March 6th, 2020. An event catering towards equality, awareness, and especially the economics of Canadian culture, the arts, and various other industries.

The Economic Club of Canada is an organization dedicated to enhancing international awareness of Canadian culture through different media outlets (film, publishing/books, music, etc.). In other words, the dedicated members of this community endorse proper economic structures to ensure that Canadian industries are acknowledged and appreciated on a global scale.

The Economic Club of Canada has been working on initiatives such as this since their inception over 15 years ago. Many of their events and ambitions have drawn national attention and support from all over Canada and the United States. For example, some of their supporters included President Bill Clinton, U.S. Fed Ben Bernanke, and Economist Paul Krugman. Overall, it is a group of leaders dedicated to enhancing the economy for all people, professions, and industries.

The event on March 6th recognized all of Canada’s artistic, cultural fields by having a large attendance of authors, teachers, editors, and various organizations. Some of these ranged from students entering the arts and media fields of Canada, to those that have been in Canada’s industry for the whole of their careers. But, the event itself particularly catered to those Canadian industries that need a more stable economic foundation to keep the momentum of the Canadian market going.

As the event advertises: “Economic growth creates more profit for businesses, thus making it a crucial economic indicator. We are excited to explore the link between economic growth and quality of life as it pertains to associated labour market trends, the place of women in economic development, and the role of the new economy.”

At today’s event, The Future is Balanced – Diversity and Inclusion in Today’s Workplace, the Economic Club of Canada hopes to shed light on the potential of each and every person in the Canadian workforce, as well as promote healthy and dynamic relationships in the workforce. Especially, when it comes to those in leadership positions.

The Economic Club of Canada is one of many important backbones in the Canadian economy when it comes to integrity, equality, and respect within the workplace and within every Canadian industry. It is safe to say that this branch of Canada’s leaders are ones to follow, listen to, and appreciate when it comes to building a brighter, stronger future for Canada’s economy.

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