• Rogers Centre, Toronto

    In the Heart of Toronto: Exclusive Rogers Centre Tour

    Calling all Blue Jays fans, concert goers, and Torontonians! Below lies a behind-the-scenes tour of the well-known Rogers Centre from January 25th, 2016. The Roof Control Room Our first stop was the (newly renovated) roof control room where we met the building operator and electrician. Here, we learned that when the Rogers Centre, then the Skydome, opened in 1989, it held the first operating panel (see picture below) in the world for a retractable roof. Just four people are involved with the process of controlling the roof: the building operator, a plumber, an electrician, and the panel control manager. The panel control manager has several jobs aside from managing the…

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    5 Places You Can Go to Escape Your Cellphone

    In this day and age, we live by the internet and especially through social media. We eat with it, we sleep with it, and we even walk our dogs with it. For many, it takes as much as the inability to connect­­­—being physically unable to access social media—to make us log offline. Below is a list of places and events in Toronto that either do not allow for the use of cellphones or simply do not have WiFi or connection signals, giving you the ability to escape from your cellphone, even for just a few minutes (or hours). The Subway For just $3.00, you can travel underground on Toronto’s subway…

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    Multi-Faith Holiday: Celebrating Christmas and Hanukkah

    I can’t say I have ever celebrated Hanukkah in the traditional way, but I did, however, grow up learning about and celebrating both Hanukkah and Christmas. My dad’s side of the family is Jewish. He grew up celebrating Hanukkah, receiving eight days of presents, and lighting the menorah. My mom, however, grew up going to church on Christmas Eve and opening her stocking bright and early on December 25th. They worked together to come up with ways that my sister, brother, and I could learn about and enjoy both holidays simultaneously, instead of choosing one or the other. We always had a Christmas tree in our house, but we also…