A Bridge to Here

By Lindsay Benjamin It has been 90 years since the Bloor Street Viaduct was completed and the east and west ends of Toronto were united. Now linked to the rest of the city, the Danforth area has evolved from its humble beginnings into a unique and vibrant Toronto neighbourhood.Historically, Danforth Avenue was a sleepy dirt road spanning open fields—a place where Torontonians ventured for a weekend escape. It was named after Asa Danforth, an American contractor. In a personal interview, Miller noted that “[Danforth] was commissioned in 1799 to build a military road linking the Town of York to the Bay of Quinte.” Danforth Avenue was envisioned as a “route out of the city, but it wasn’t finished. It never became the great highway to the east, which is a good thing or the Danforth wouldn’t have maintained its character.” [...]